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or what spooks around inside.

28 April 1978
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First of all self analyzing isn't one of my strengths so you should really go down the pub and have a couple of drinks with me to work out who I really am. Unfortunately for most people that won't be an option, so all you can do is read this. Where shall I start. At work? I hope not, I work yes (that's where I am at the moment) but that is due to the necessity for money. I enjoy my work but still it is not what defines me. Me, weird creature this me, and I know for I lived with me for 29 years now. So many words and still haven't actually said anything about me. Well in my mind I am friendly, outgoing and generally alright. Some have described me as a hopeless romantic and I don't have the heart to disagree with them. I am good with words, which has landed me in considerable trouble before, and like to express what I feel. If I don't like you, and I don't have to be polite because of work, or you are my best friends boyfriend or something, you will know. If I like you then I'll tell you too. Some call me a terrible flirt, which I assume is justified, even though often I flirt without really noticing what I am doing. Well I like the attention, to be honest here, and the people I flirt with I like too, so no reason to stop. Apart from that there is not much more in need to say, apart from I like dreaming, while asleep or awake. I like stories, good music (I could write an entire book about good and bad music) and my harp. Well most people that know me say they would expect me to play electric guitar, base or drums but they are wrong. The gut-strung celtic clarsach has won my heart. I might get round to getting a picture of it put somewhere soon.